I never liked my hands much;
short fingers
with a thumb that likes to wiggle when I write,
eyelashes that have tried ten kinds of mascara
and never get long enough.

There are my lips, thin, not full
like women on the cover of those beauty magazines
that I like to flip through
to make me feel more imperfect

and then there are these breasts
some people call voluptuous
that make it so difficult to shop for clothes,
made me question the motives of every male
who has ever spoken to me;
the cause of my self – consciousness
since I was fourteen.

Not to mention ivory skin that burns in the sun,

and I am short; yes,
I have a step stool to reach my kitchen cabinets,

But, today, I looked in the mirror and realized,
despite and because of these imperfections,
I am unique.
I am one of a kind.

These hands that raised three beautiful babies,
fingers that write poetry, lips that read it aloud
to the man that I love before I kiss him goodnight.

I never liked my hands much,
until today.



5 thoughts on “Hindsight

  1. Okay…I now know why I am in your life Lynda…so when you have those moments of self doubt and not liking what you see in the mirror, you can think of Charissa…and how she would cross any ocean and climb any mountain and pay any price within my grasp to actually have those things to look askance at, question, dislike…and maybe even like…

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    • Charissa, this was inspired by an article I read. It was written by a hospice worker who said that what she remembers most about her patients was that they always talked about how much they would miss their body when they had to heave it. The patients would say that they were taught growing up to hate their bodies and every imperfection but when they were ready to leave it, they realized that they would never be in that body ever again …The article really hit me hard and made me think and feel blessed and feel stupid for all the times I took what I have for granted. Thank you for reading and leaving your lovely words again.

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      • I am soo glad to know that back story, because the journey of accepting that this is the body I was given, and it is to be wrestled with in this coil mortal, to be understood in light of the words of a Great Poet named David who said famously “A body thou hast prepared for me”…

        talk about implications incarnate!!

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