We Are All Under the Same Stars

Imagine if they no longer had a hold on you;
rubbing their hands together saying “one day,”
while we lie upon clouds with the moon, smiling.
There will be no tears flowing like rivers
from our aching, tired eyes that dreamed
everything would be perfect one day;
lips that prayed a long list of wishes
mostly miracles, and kissed that one true love
after years waiting to wear those glass slippers.

Oceans are limitless and so are you.
Never forget that when you fall, almost drown
fighting your way back up from the ashes.
Never stray when your back is against the wall
and all the light sucked out of those four walls
that you would rather not look at in the dark.
Light that candle, take out that pen, and write.
Claw your way out with weeping syllables
that drown out the voices in your head, for now.

One day, you will be like that red bird, glowing.
with wings to carry you from that nesting place;
the one you were told you could never escape;
the one that still gives you nightmares long after
morning shone through the misty revelation
that dawn brings to seeking, welled up eyes
that know nothing but want for love, for beauty
for anything but the darkness they have known.

I still love rain and the way it makes the soul cry
when flowers sway and fold and when dusk
brings the stars out to shake up the sky with emotion
as they fall to remind us that there is something
bigger than this round, spinning place we trudge through;
a place you can finally sleep with no fear of awakening.



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