Whispers in the ear,
tickled brush of fingertips
across her cheek,

tracing curve of pink painted lips
softly pursed;

just one gaze.

Femininity pulsates
as gentle hands
meet silken skin

and two silhouettes assimilate
as one.

Candlelight glistens
upon flowing tresses;

strumming chords serenade
blushing cheeks
as breeze of sighs rest
in syllables

of a three word

an interlude,

then, symmetry of lips
in a kiss

Sunrise fills the room
essence of her
in perfumed pillows
and sweet sounds of happiness;

humming like a bird,
in bursts of dawn.



2 thoughts on “Enamored

    • That means so much to me. Thank you…I normally write a lot of love and romance stuff…It is what I like best…but after my last book, I had a couple of comments about most of the book being love poems. Many were, some were misinterpreted, so lately, I have been stepping out of my comfort zone a little and venturing out into some more painful things that I normally do not like to dwell on. This has positive and negative results…Anyway, you have helped as always with your kind words. ❤

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