On a Night Without Stars

There is so much more to love
than anyone could ever conceive of.

Hands, reaching out to help you up
when you think you cannot take
one . more . step,

arms that find their way
around a fractured mess of a girl
once smiling, now sobbing thing
curled up in a conundrum,
stoop, and pick up the pieces,
(never complaining,)

of something he never broke.

Ears that have listened
to the same sad story, time after time
knowing there will be
the same nagging {three letter question}
in the end

and nothing to say

to stitch up a shredded heart
left by someone with only a gene
and a name ~
in common.

A voice
with a whisper
louder to the spirit than any sound,

but God.

A smile that illuminates
every inch of her sky
on a night without any stars,

and those eyes,

those eyes that even without words
can make all of the ugliness disappear

until the next time.



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