Ghost Town

Music opens that weak wound and I take three steps behind
pulse pulling me further back to dark corners, corneas
retracting light like fireflies between faith and a broken moon.
I felt the whisper of something wilted begging for life
in that sandwich shop in Jefferson; red memories on stairwells
and sad rain even on Saturday evening gatherings, downtown
when song takes pain from tattered souls leaving new breath
making misers into kings with only a touch of laughter
and a few scattered chords to linger on until mourning.
Take the slow train to reality because there is no colder place
than one where you cannot dream letters into sand and share words
with strangers, throwing leftover syllables over the bridge
for lovers to find and fawn over when stars are full of sky and eyes
glisten upon rippling waters wrestling waves for moon’s full attention.
Never let the tremble make it to an ache while your lashes still flutter
and his lips are calling, and close enough to touch with yours.



8 thoughts on “Ghost Town

  1. Sis…I have been procrastinating on comment here…cus like, omg, right? It seems I am a broken record of praise, like some simpering suck up. But this is yet another one that just freaking tore out my heart so good.

    “fireflies between faith and a broken moon”…WHATTTTT???????? omFg!!

    I am not much of a clubber or a bar fly, but we have perused the scene on occasion. You captured the hope, the despair, the pain and the joy, and at the core the simple nugget of human contact with some music, talk, food and drink.

    Someday all that is bad will be scoured, and what remains will be the best joint in Heaven.
    In the meantime, I am honored to read…and much content to be your co-conspirator, sharer of muse, and sister in poetic heart.

    Much love, and deep admiration,
    ❤ Charissa ❤

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    • Thank you dear Sister! I have been in a bar only once in my life…Part of this was muse, part was experiences of the ghostly nature that Tim and I have experienced lol. I appreciate your wonderful, beautiful comments more than you know… With love and gratitude, THANK YOU, my poetic twin ❤

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      • Oh about that…I left my thoughts about the rest of this wistful winsome paean inside my heart cus *feelings*…from “Take the Slow Train…” to “…moon’s full attention.” Sorta how orthodox Jewish people do not say the Name of God, I will not say what this said to me…but rest assured it said what you intend at the core.

        Last…the line about throwing away leftover syllables…have you ever just scattered them, around the main work like petals before the bride or the left over lost game of “He loves me not”…just for, like decoration…and then have nearly everyone see JUST THEM…and miss the poem!! lol I like how you said to give them away for lovers to find.

        Then again, lovers, well, depending on the ilk, they may well take “Jack and Jill” and find the romantic surge within…lol

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  2. PS: btw…for some reason in my mind I did a trick without even realizing it…I read the passage above as this: “…sad rain even on Saturday evenings, gathering downtown
    where song takes pain from tattered souls leaving new breath…”

    …rather than the way you wrote it. At first I felt dumb (‘Rissa, you dum!)…but ya know?? Does it work? or does it go a different place than you were flowing?

    Rest assured that the poem stands vital and proud to be as is…but you know how I do like to tickle mine under the chin, hear them laff and maybe reflect that over time in tweaks!
    ❤ SIs ❤


    • I was discussing with a good poet friend the other day how one thing that we love about poetry is that the reader can interpret them any way they wish! I love that! I enjoy trying to conceal what the poem is really about, especially if it is something that is difficult for me to talk about…Thank you for really reading my words and understanding. Some people just skim over the feelings, but you NEVER do. Thank you!!

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  3. Gawd Sis, are you KIDDING me??? Your words come waltzing, slinking, slouching, sneaking, humble, regal, joyous or sad…that is how they come and they just grab me by the throat of my heart or they kiss the lips of my soul or they whisper in the ears of my spirit or they challenge the “think” of my mind…and then they smile, always.

    Plus, I always look…always. ❤

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  4. The comment above would not let me reply lol so i am replying here…I have used those words, “he loves me, he loves me not” so many times because when I was a kid, that was my favorite thing to do…play with flowers hoping for that right answer…that, and listening to my Disney Cinderella album 🙂 ….I always wanted to be her and now, I feel like her with a happy ending 🙂 . The new Cinderella movie comes out in March and I am so excited and I went way off topic!! lol..and yes to your question about decoration…It has happened so many times especially since I feel there has to be something pretty in everything I write…We are so similar, sister! ❤


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