Into Loving Shadows

This ice cold world
in blue-green mirrors
attempts to flood a flowered future

bending stems, shredding petals
of any faint remains of light

on a star-showered evening
when past looms
darker than Plath;

folded wings
curled up and vulnerable
falling into loving shadows

where love first bloomed pink.



Of Leaf and Limb

If I could paint your whispers
soft with grace,
trace the years in hinted lines
within beauty of your face,

bring coolness
with each sway of willow;
every lazy daffodil,

pour light into every crevasse;
countless dreams and wishes, fill.

With each stroke, articulate love,
bring constellations on bended knee,
sing praises by way of alliteration
string sonnets in the shape of hearts
to further prove my metered plea.

This palette, an earnest attempt
to meet the solace of your gaze;
these nurturing hands reach out,
like poetry in chorus
to shudder in awkward phrase-

three words or so to tame the mist,
to rope an over zealous moon;
to leave myself transparent
amidst shadows that faded too soon.

So, here I am in the silence of willows;
with only breeze to accompany in chorus
of leaf and limb, petal to petal
like the artists that stumbled before us.




I hear you echo now
in clandestine metaphor
to feed the constellations;

your flowers
lilting heart-shaped hellos
just waiting for a reason
to skip May

without a cloud of regret;

this feeling, like lightning
without a chance of rain.

When I lie down,
leave me in fields, looking up,

still speaking in daffodil tongue
skipping in syllables
that grow in sun

when moon
is just a shadow
wrapped in a chorus
of blues;

and my ink will flow,
gracefully, softly,
with too many adjectives,

and die a slow death.



Keep Me Pink

If you wake up and I am turned away;
face in my pillow (to muffle the sound,)
pull me closer, hold me tighter

leave me pink roses,
for no reason this time.

When I can’t find my smile,
tickle me with whispers
that no one else would understand.

Kiss away every fear
with gentle gestures,
sweep me off my feet
when I don’t have the strength
to stand alone.

Give me all of you
even when I cannot

when I am cold,
build a fire with all my regrets
and yours,
toast marshmallows
to the future

carving carpe’ diem
under our initials in the sand

every time they are washed away.

~for those who are going through or have gone through cancer and those who love them…


Love Letter

Leave syllables on my pillow
when I wake
and your scent to hold me

when arms cannot reach
far enough

for winds to brush my face

with whispered kiss
too soft to capture.

Leave petals
when all the flowers have gone
from my hair

and I will dance them
into hearts

painting our best memories
upon sunsets of your dreams.


each dawn with me
as golden flutter
leaves Spring thoughts

in every season.

You will never feel winter
within the warmth

of my waiting smile.



Word Hurt

Doubt comes in
like a knife

blunt, scathing;

dissecting thoughts
and misplaced adjectives
until your own words
look like strangers

all dressed up
with no place to go.



A Certain Symmetry

Grandpa always wanted me to play
an instrument;

bought me a shiny new guitar
said I would be the life of the party
one day,

but I packed it away in the case,
music in my eyes,

and picked up a pen-

found a place my tears could hide
falling softly upon petals,
wildflowers growing around me

blooming between syllables.

I was never afraid of the rain
caressing my face;
wind carrying my whispers-

these clandestine wishes
as kisses upon constellations.

Still a dreamer,

I blew dandelions every Spring
and danced in the flutter that followed.

There was a certain symmetry
between my fragile heart
and his coy, half moon smile.

His gaze met my glimmer,
poetic spirits entwined

spilling love in gentle lyric.