I don’t iron the tea towels with starch
and fold the napkins in triangles,
pressing each crease, stiff
like the collars of grandpa’s shirts.

I can’t see my reflection in the china
and I would fail the white glove test miserably,

just like I did Mathematics.

You were very precise in everything,
even love.
Give them just enough,
but not too much,
because they may get weak.

If there is one thing I’m not,
grandma, I’m not weak.
I didn’t understand you, until now;
until I typed these words.

Perhaps you did know what you were doing
in your own way
and all those hours we spent in the kitchen
finally paid off.

I’ve got a little “chutzpah”
and I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.



“chutzpah [( khoot -spuh, hoot -spuh)]

Yiddish term for courage bordering on arrogance, roughly equivalent to“nerve” (in the slang sense): “It took a lot of chutzpah to make such a controversial statement.”


Happy Birthday, Sylvia Plath!



Seeing Stars

I don’t see the brown
on leaves of that weeping willow,
or the black of night,

I see green,
I see stars;
bright, shining realizations
of why we are here.

I don’t see wrinkles,
I see laugh lines.
I see silver, not gray
and that sweet, sideways grin;
that sarcasm I love about you,

and that makes me giggle.

We are moving, even when we’re still,
dancing when there’s no music.
Those mountains we are climbing
are no illusion.

We are going there,

going north
where clouds roll in like angels

going up

to a place you can’t use that compass
and you don’t need a ticket
to right this train.



Immaculate Perception

It takes a village to build a bridge

and smooth sentences
to sing a vignette to sleep.

We weep,
one chord after another
like feet following steps;

one, two three, one two three

these pretty words, waltzing in stanzas
like similes, smiling in twos;
syllables laughing
at the alliteration of it all.

We fall in love
with every letter,
the assonance of a vowel
echoing in innocent winds;
a river of ripples
carrying messages
softly home.

Who would have thought
a drop of ink

could cause such a sensation.





On the other side of the sun, your anger burns.

Not even a flicker remains of you; no word-soaked aftermath
pouring from gutters when these storms wake and pass,
wake and pass like trains whistling by-gones to stars

flickering a light on your true colors reflecting black and blue,
blue and black nights left alone – just you and your thoughts
in countless hours spent blaming, naming names,

baking honey dipped lies just sweet enough to believe.




Bend, kneel,
in the gentle flower

of knowing.

Dance the steps,
in colors
from sweet-tempered earth,
from azure skies shifting,

rolling doubtless clouds;
your arching silhouettes
shimmering, aching truth.

Oh, Light,

warm, swirling
in the center of your being
accenting your every flaw
as you flourish in them.

Oh, strength,
how you shimmer
with effervescence

that only angels can relish in

like constellations
with all night to shine.



White Pines

The night can be so cold
when wind plays sonnets
to weeping hearts.

Clasp your fingers,

let thoughts intertwine;
weave sorrow into prayer.

Let every star
paint his silhouette
in ribbons across the sky
when only divine whispers
can soothe the ache.

Send kisses upon angel wings
to waiting cheeks
each one,
leaving impressions
of you, like lullabies;

blankets of love
to keep him warm.

Let every flower
bloom his name,
every tree in White Pines
echo his vision,

his dream come true.

~This poem is for a friend, Gustavius and his family

He lost his son in a car crash yesterday. He is a friend on facebook whom I did not know very well before, but I feel so close to now in hearing of the tragedy he is dealing with. A message on facebook from his Dad

“His wish before he passed away yesterday was that there be a skate park built in White Pines near Arnold, CA. Goose had been designing it and even reached out to the local politician. He was sure that it would happen. I look to help make it happen. Please help spread the word ‪#‎whitepinesskatepark‬ ‪#‎lovelikegoose‬ ‪#‎goose_the_creator‬ RIP Gboo boo we all love you : )”