I came to you, broken, stitched up,
worn around the edges and you,
you swept me up, wings at attention,
commentary aside,and just loved me.
You saw my heart, beneath the scars,
under the pain that burned from the
inside, out. How many midnights did I
stir your sleeping eyes; your hands
taking mine, comforting the unrest?
Sing lullabies to the inner child in me
trading tension for tenderness and
that approaching train, for light.
~ ~ ~
Let’s surrender to sounds of sigh when
daylight comes and the furthest thing
from our minds is work; your laughter
on my pillow and mine on yours, we
light candles for a late dinner and pull
ourselves away and into the day with
a hesitating goodbye. One more kiss
and I will be ready to let you go;
~ ~ ~
the scent of your cologne, morning coffee
and unfinished business left behind.



3 thoughts on “Percolating

  1. sigh…this is gorgeous…from start to finish, grains of thoughts percolate beneath the swelling passion, ending with the scent of cologne, coffee and desires that will be ready to sip later…

    Liked by 1 person

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