Smell the Roses

I need more than three words
or ten minutes of your time.
I need a little light
through all of this darkness,
a little laughter
when there is so much to cry about,

music to take me away,
and words,
lots of words
to show me how you feel.

How are you feeling?

I need your dreams,
your passion,
your anger and sorrow.

Let the time tick, ..
tick away
until night comes
to take us under it’s wing.

What do clocks really mean
when all the flowers are gone

with you and I underneath them?

Let’s gaze at the stars
and make a wish
that may never come true.

Take me away even for a day,
Let me have your uninterrupted,
undivided attention
even for an hour;
for just a few stolen moments,

let me love you.



5 thoughts on “Smell the Roses

  1. yes, time need not be wasted for we soon will watch the flowers wither from the other side…we need all the time we can get…beautifully said


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