To Sedona, With Love

There is a new night wind-
an awakening
shaking up the skies;

stars falling like sleepy fireflies-

like lightning flickering out
behind tulip- shaped clouds.

When light sprinkles dawn
far from my home
of unsuspecting bluebonnets
and dew cascading
upon meandering willows,

Spring happens.

Bluebells’ skirts
blowing like dandelion fluff
whispering hello to my loving season.

Then, there is you;
you wrap me in the grace of morning,
the mist of mountain air
this scent-drunk traveler high on the view
from there

where red rock steals breath
and tiny stacked temples
play music to a wandering heart.

I crave your peace;
your beckoning trickle of blue-
your teasing desert sand
to dance upon.

I will return to your lavish earth,
your dreamy air

where I left my heart.



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