The Trouble With Principalities

She could think of a million reasons
why she was lost
and justified every one of them.
Survival mode sat on repeat for decades;
hearts in a heap under her feet,

hers at the bottom.

It’s not difficult to be a victim
when you have lost all hope.
What does a hundred more tears matter
in the scheme of things?

Love was still lingering
as an afterthought,
mingling in the waters
between misery and despair.
She was a ticking time bomb
with seconds to detonate.

Sadness had become a fixture in the house
from birth to middle of the road ,

but there was one constant;

a light in the distance
that could not be extinguished
by man or circumstance.
Sometimes, you have to fall on your knees
and surrender to something bigger,
something stronger than you.

There is an unpaved road
that leads back home
to the one that knows you
better than you know yourself

and beyond those hills and valleys,
there is a river that flows red
leading to destiny
paved in gold.

You can see it from the valley,
hear it in the meadows
when the night is full of stars

and your soul has had enough
of trying to carry the weight alone.



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