Love Letter #19: To Friendship

Call on me, my darlings,
not only in morning,
or in midday sun,
but at the break of dawn, high noon,
or be my muse at 2:00 AM,
when my soul weeps words.

Come to me,
not only in laughter and song,
but in mourning
so my hands can lay daffodils in yours,
and smile upon your delicate faces.

Pray with me when there seems no hope;
our fingers interlaced
until the warmth fills two souls,
as one.



8 thoughts on “Love Letter #19: To Friendship

  1. Lynda, every time we read one of your poems we are more and more impressed! Each of your poems is so carefully thought out and crafted. This poem is gorgeous, as are all your others. You truly have a way with words. Never stop creating!

    – The Poetry Sisters


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