Morning Glory


Oh, light, posing promise,

                        like posies,

        picked apart, strewn;


        like morning glory,



                below bedroom windows.


Oh, jealous moon

     tempting twilight,

        with its scattered stars




  like the thoughts

         you left me with.



You are not alone

Working on my book and thought I should share a few thoughts…If you are feeling lost, betrayed, abandoned or alone, I have been there and I can tell you, you are never alone. If you have lost family or friends, God will restore relationships and even bring you new family and friends, and as in my case, he will even bring you someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who sacrifices their own needs to make you happy; someone who puts you first…someone who makes you laugh when you are in tears…someone who not only accepts you with all of your baggage, but puts it on their back and carries it with you. So, if you are looking around and see no one, it is an illusion because if you see only one set of footsteps, they aren’t yours…..I love you all …. and I am not the only one… ❤



She was curious to a fault-
wide -eyed wonderer,
with a tug on the corner
of his white garment,

asking why, why, why.

He replied with a pensive smile
pointing, not to her left,
nor her right,

but straight ahead
to the path less traveled,
where she stumbled,
unbridled, relentless

until they met again
in a perfect chorus

on the other side of that mountain.

Day 17 of NaPoMo (a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month)


Shadow of a Lily

Clear the vines
from my window
and break the silence
until whippoorwill’s song
invites morning
through sheer blue curtains,
watching branches sway;

sunny lilies in waiting
painting yellow shadows
on the wall.

I’m listening.

Day 10 of NaPoMo (a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month)



He listens
to my strings of conversation,
my giggling
in the middle of his sentence.
He watches my lips move
for any sign of tremble;
the white horse saddled.

and even in sleep,
he waits for a grimace;
a twitch of discomfort,
to sweep in
and conquer my demons,
replacing fear
with whispers of prayer,

like pretty little wildflowers,
the scent lingers;
the overwhelming emotion
better than any mortal love,
because he knows
the only way to stay in love
is to stay in the midst
of his presence.

~day 7 of NaPoMo (a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month)



I loved you like autumn, as
breezes kissed the pages of
our existence with magenta
petals, falling like syllables
upon white sheets, feelings
spilled in Vignettes; letters
all wrapped in silk, roaming,
like your fingers do, so gently
through the length of my hair.

Day 3 of NaPoMo…a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month.


Soft Landing

Waves rise and fall
like breaths from your chest
when we sleep cocoon-like;

whispers penetrating hearts.

I watch fireflies fill the night
wishing to freeze the sky,
just as it is, bright-
stars meandering
like glistening dew
over emerald meadows
of doubt.

I find myself floating
in what ifs, then gently fall,
never worrying about being caught;

your arms, always centimeters
from my landing.