Spice of Life

Sometimes, you have to escape
to a soft place where words are warm
like the scent of Grandma’s apple pie.


I don’t know what to call you

Is there a pronoun,
for this heartbreak?

I see images of you
in chalk stick figures
on sidewalks;

in that last dance
we never had.



I Only Rhyme On Birthdays

In a horse and carriage
he carries my heart away
promises in vow and song
that he will always stay

He sings of a pretty pearl
who is so easy to love,
hand in hand, we cherish
this gift from God above.

Under evening Texas skies
where constellations shine
looking into his brown eyes,
happy, knowing he is mine.

With him in the midst of us
this unity will never fail
through trial and tribulation
in thunderstorm and gail.

Cover me in wildflowers
before they carry me away
‘neath that weeping willow
where we first found our way.


Day 5 of NaPoMo (a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month.),Due to the miracles my family and I have seen so far in 2018, this year, I will dedicate my “poem a day in April”to the one who is responsible. I made him a promise that I intend to fulfill ❤


Return To Sender part 2 (Older With Thicker Skin)

I can’t sleep with such an uneasiness in the room.

I see a film playing my life; slide after slide
without you,

but I was too young to know, then;
too innocent to realize rejection,
to feel inadequacy tap me on the shoulder
like it does now, everytime I see your face
staring back at me

questioning why I never met your expectations
even though you never attempted to know me
or feel the warmth of my heart,

the loyalty of someone
who would have always had your back.



Love Letter #60: The Gift

I have watched your eyes
watch mine
look into the love that lies beneath-
the failures you don’t see,
the weakness only you
look deep enough to uncover.

You feel my tears
before they ever fall,
kiss every saddened place
that aches
for that place of healing.

It is easy to love
when life is roses
without thorns,
but in storms,
petals are scattered;
knees pierced from 3:00 am
seemingly unanswered prayers.

In the middle of ache,
look to your right,
to your left
and discover the gold;
the love that lies
within the gift
of loyalty.



Hiding Place

Grandma introduced us
as I knelt at the foot of her bed,

fingers intertwined,
eyes closed tightly;
I found a confidant
to tell my secrets to;

(the unmentionables,)

a hiding place
away from the noise ;
the abuse,

just he and I
alone in my thoughts

and books of unwritten poetry.

I am writing a poem a day from November 24th until December 25, 2017 to celebrate the birth of Jesus. .. This is day 11……#Jesus


Love Letter #56: to Fireflies

It was one year to the day he left
in the coolness of March.
I waited
for a star to fall like it had that night.
I needed another sign from God
that he was somewhere warm;
somewhere sweeter

than the wildflowers we walked through
in that same field where I sat,

then, came something softer
than a constellation
but, as close as a whisper,
with wings.

My head in my hands,
it all came back;
the song, the lyric
of him;

the smile on the lips of his last words,
echoing like lost syllables in damp air,

but then, this flickering thing,
it multiplied, divided-
like stars,
exploding in the Heavens
and there I was
under a skyful of light

wondering how could I
have ever doubted