Against This Present Darkness

Eyes rise and fall
with simple shading of clouds
upon a face;
a bowed head
seeking shelter
from raging tempests;

from love’s ache.

Night comes quietly
like snowflakes in winter;
like the whisper of psalms
​ beyond candlelit curtains.

I keep your words with me
soft syllables of grace,
sweet shelter

in the midst of my storm.




Rumors flew south
for the winter-
February came and went
and we never saw a trace
of your heart.

April, she blows in
like a Texas storm,
quietly crushing softness
to the pit, so it hurts
leaving us still as the words
left unsaid,

swept under the welcome mat,
hung on the clothesline
like Grandma’s tea towels;

crisp and hard
when they come down.

Day 25 of NaPoMo (a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month)



When blue-gray clouds tremble

      like the atmosphere

         on a windy April day



                         for a place to spill


            like diamond stars

         searching for a garden

of blooming white lilies

      and towering sunflower


                        to break the fall.




I see fireflies
in mirrors of starlight;
blue moon reflections

through windblown hair;

the hum of evening
cascading over river’s edge

and when it rains,
disrupting silence,
catapulting sky tears
upon oak and maple,

limbs reach
for a figleaf promise
waiting for calm

and the golden sound
of silence.



When Skies Well Up

This ground shakes
swirling the violaceous
grandma planted
that last summer

into perfect storms

kissing melancholy thoughts
of love, away.



~day 5 of a poem a day in April challenge for NaPoMo 2016


Eye of the Storm


Within your space,


I can breathe;

fingers intertwined,

doodling sand hearts


where tides rarely reach;


our castle intact

in the midst of a storm.


We dare to dream,

dwelling in impossibilities,

never doubting the power of passion;


gazes unbroken amidst hope, uprooted;



and the strumming of your chords

into mine;


the lullaby

to carry us into dawn.