Laugh Lines

Scars are just beauty marks
and your heart is full of them;
open wounds to catch grace
and riches of humility:
kindness, compassion
and all the things
material wealth can’t fix.

Peel off the mask and shine
in your uniqueness.
The twinkle of an eye
and laugh lines
won his heart moons ago
as softness of stars
find love inside you
and echoes catch his gaze.



Happy Birthday, Sylvia Plath




He backed up his ego
with a black leather book
ancient and translated
in beautiful language

exploring the power
of one species

over another

trees sway with her skirt,
anchor on an ankle
and breeze carrying scent
of perfume
(he calls a weapon)

because of his own weakness
and her strength.

—If he were to trade
his load for hers
he would fall

into a pit of fire
of his own making.