Love Letter #72: Still

I want to feel the sun
reckless upon my face,
unguarded, like wildflowers;
like blades of grass
slipping through cement cracks.
Let the morning bleach my hair,
tame my fingers with rings
of rainbows and dew
and when evening comes,
let constellations
encircle my silhouette;
leave me blushing love
like poetry to the moon.


Rethinking Sticks and Stones

Past springs forth
like seasons
when words flowed
from indifferent lips.

Residue travels through thoughts,
clings to ribs like a constant ache;
last messages sent, letters unopened-
marked “return to sender,”
and your last words still sting-
burn all the way down

like alcohol;

like my eyes
on Father’s day.



Let not doubt
pass through your lips,
like smoke signals

to the mind.

Let love
— the flow
warm vessels

to the heart.


Celestial Pirouette

Bend me like a flower;
petals to the wind,
stem arched,
receiving love;
mold me like clay;
transform me,

like stars
usher in the night.


Love Letter #71: The Vine

You and I are seamless souls,
but, he is in the midst
of our spirits, our breaths;

the vine that holds these branches.

Let these fruits ripen-
not far from the tree;

winds carry sweetness;
sprinkle stars he strewn,

like the union of us.


Spice of Life

Sometimes, you have to escape
to a soft place where words are warm
like the scent of Grandma’s apple pie.