While Watching You Sleep

Blue curtains shade the silhouette
of a cardinal come to call
sharing morning sun;

feathers finding sprinkles of light
like the way dew forms
on delicate petals
and falls upon standing stems
in the shadow of a willow.

I remember that look in your eyes
as we traded stanzas for kisses
upon lips in waiting

and each syllable, pronounced,

would lend a little simile
to love’s sentence.



Beatitudes III: Blessings

Lie down your burdens upon a rock,
beside a brook in the green of summer.
Leave weeping on my shoulders
watering lilies waking in fields of sun,
and in the evening, when sorrow comes,
toss it into breeze of willow trees and come
watch constellations swirl the atmosphere;
leave you upright and shining like new gold.



Until You Greet Me With White Roses

I’ll have coffee on the porch swing
remembering how we laughed
when my feet didn’t touch the ground;

how we planned to grow old
watching fireflies
swirl ribbons ‘round willows;
dandelion dust carrying wishes
to clouds I wish I could see past

because I know there’s light
where you are.



A Subtle Awakening

Petals sprinkled by your hand
left out to dry, awaiting touch
of morning, leaning into light
like new born constellations
dancing clandestine pirouettes,
within a shadow of the moon.

Day 27 of NaPoMo 2018… a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month…. Due to the miracles my family has received this year, I dedicate my poem each day to the one who is the reason for them.


Symmetry of Petal and Soul

Awaken to a yellow sun
smiling daffodil lips
penetrating layers of spring
on a honeysuckle morning,
strumming love notes
into sentences;
dandelion fluff dancing
to dust in our tresses.

We lie ‘neath the willow
conversing in pretty adjectives
trading pink petals
for three little words,
falling back upon forget-me-nots-
blue and forgiving,
like constellations colliding
within the irises of our eyes.

Blanket, basket,
bouquets of marigolds
in scent of summer
under shadow of birch,
glasses bubbling over
stumbling on my words
caught up in your gaze;
limbs bend, curve
to the shape of a heart;
in a silhouette of us.




I press in;
dance to hymns,
blossom like a rose
within the shadow
of your presence,

grateful to awaken
to the warmth
of his feathered smile
when dawn breaks-
peeks through
blue lace curtains;

another morning
in the tapestry of us.

. I am writing a poem a day from November 14th through December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus… This is day 22… #Jesus


In His Image

Gold poured from his lips
and fell upon waiting ears.
Sun shone from his heart
reflecting an image of joy;
of pure, unadulterated love.
Follow me, he said, in tears,
let me lead you to the cross.

I am writing a poem a day from November 24th until December 25, 2017 to celebrate the birth of Jesus. .. This is day 8 ❤