Invisible Faith

Lose yourself
in forests, incarnate;
plush landscapes, filled with light.

Sing peace into existence
with only a blown dandelion wish
floating love from a distance,
praying miracles into existence

with a soft voice,
a warm heart

and a knowing.


~day 30 of a poem a day in April challenge for NaPoMo


Love Letter #9 (to: words)

I came looking
with soft syllables in tow;

love like glue

large as the stars skies hold
and dandelion dust
blowing promises
in kisses
brushed through my hair,

blooming words of beauty
with too many adjectives;

the sweetness of untainted language,

and the turn of a page
in my beloved book of psalms;

Leave the grass smiling;
this light shining
from the inside out

and, yes,
there is poetry in Heaven.


~day 29 of a poem a day in April for NaPoMo



Could I just keep you ,
nestled close
so that nothing dark slips in?;
not a single adverse thought ,
only breezy moments ,
breathing love,

cradling hope
in a blanket of joyous constants

transforming worry
into tranquility,
apprehension into laughter;

the moon
teasing stars,

falling in and out of light.

day 28 in a poem a day in April challenge (for NaPoMo)


Love Letter #7 (to music)

The right music

can lift you
from the doldrums,
carry you
from behind the clouds

to the middle

of the yellow,
precious, beaming sun,

cradle you
with the compassion of a mother,
the patience of a saint

and lay you down
in wildflowers, sweet,
to rest your heart

at least ‘til morning comes.



Love Letter # 6

The blush of purple hills is calling
like the harp we heard last summer
soft and scintillating like your eyes,
golden brown and beckoning mine.
Let’s climb it; this time, to the top,
knowing each step that led us here,
gently memorizing every line; every
syllable our lips have ever spoken.

~ day 27 of a poem a day in April for NaPoMo



Translucent beginnings
when I thought I knew love
flowered feelings budding forth,
but, something went awry
one winter.

I thought it was wind at my back,
pushing me north,
drying my tears,

painting over darkness,

giving me cause to stand,
to breathe,
to capitulate.

I saw crystal endings
just across the bridge,
just over that cliff;

a mirage of pleasantries

and when I had enough gravel
in my knees
from one too many a fall,
I penned out a new pronoun,
a humble chorus;
the relevant, uninhibited story

of a girl, a new song
and light.

~day 26 of a poem a day in April challenge for NaPoMo


Be Colorblind

We are of the same cloth,
shined up and sent out to sparkle
in a world of dim lights.

Take my hand

and let’s blow out the circuits
with the passion of Martin,

bridge the gap
through the gentleness
of Maya.

Be an example,
a living testament
that peace prevails

and spread the word:
of all the riches,
all the jewels on Earth

the greatest is love.

~day 25 of a poem a day in APril challenge for NaPoMo